Terraform Records presents: Mr. Invisible

Featured video:

Song and videography by Steffen Presley and Tom Aragon

all compositions © 2022 Steffen Presley, except
Upside Down World © 2021 Tom Aragon & Steffen Presley

Album currently in progress
Expected completion by end of 2023

Produced, arranged & performed by Steffen Presley

Lead vocals by Steffen Presley
Guitars by Tom Aragon
Bed tracks on Upside Down World by Tom Aragon
All other instrumentation by Mister Invisible

Recorded at Song-Haven Studios

cover art by Steffen Presley

Instruments performed by Steffen Presley:
Synthesizers, Pipe organ, Hammond B3 organ, Drums and percussion, Aerophone Pro, electric guitar, alto saxophone, Theremini, Seaboard

"MR INVISIBLE is awesome, WOW!! Mom, Colin and myself have been listening to it through this lockdown.
Upside Down World transports you to another place,we are in awe.
Thank you for sharing this awesome music".
-- Colin and Denise in Australia.

The multi-layered Mister Invisible was engrossing and transporting.
The intro fleetingly reminded me of E. Power Biggs playing a Bach passacaglia, although your organ passages are obviously distinctive and non-redundant.
The vocal and instrumental segments that follow clearly establish the voyage-like character of top tier works of significant length,
including use of multiple segments that build to a climactic coda.
The instrumental foundation for the piece was well conceived, sturdy, and both deftly arranged and played.
-- David R.

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